In the forest, as soon as an expanse of color appears to me, Sérusier's painting "The Talisman" comes to mind. As I approach a tree, the leaves of Redon's "Sous-bois au printemps" come closer and closer to me. As the light filters through the branches, Mozart's symphony "Jupiter" resonates within me; one by one the notes, small glimmers of light, come in short but powerful bursts, while in the background a bass is embodied by the forest. As I climb up to the dome of the Sacré-Coeur to look at the buildings below, Cézanne's houses and Mondrian's abstractions become increasingly clear.

The first time I had such an epiphany was in 2017, in the park of Saint-Cloud. I thought of Renoir's painting "In the park of Saint-Cloud". I asked myself: "Can I take photos like one paints a picture? After several attempts and failures, I found a technique: in 2018! All my work is done with the camera during the shooting, I do very little retouching. I like this method because it is similar to painting. Like impressionism, it ignores details and emphasizes the essential: light and color. There are a lot of uncertainties in photography: the time of day, the weather, the light and my own movements all contribute to making completely different images. These uncertainties give the work a unique character. If I were in the same place, I would not be able to produce the same work and I like this uniqueness. Sometimes there are different Masters in my head, in the same place, so I have to try to make several shots in that place.

I am happy in my creative process, the imagination transcends the limits of time and space. I hope to share with you my exchanges with the Masters through my photographs.

Solo Exhibition at Galerie Jean-Pierre Respaut

Fan LI : Photographie Impressionniste

Exhibition from September 25 to October 8 2023 at La Galerie Jean-Pierre Respaut, Esplanade Jacques Chirac, Suresnes (France).
Vernissage September 23 at 6h30 pm.

Solo Exhibition at Vaucresson

D'un art à l'autre, Photographie Impressionniste

Exhibition from March 22 to April 5 2023 at La Montgolfière - Centre culturel, 14 Av. Jean Salmon-Legagneur, Vaucresson (France).
Vernissage March 23 at 6h30 pm.


Solo Exhibition at Saint-Cloud

Photographie Impressionniste, Une idée née à Saint-Cloud !

Impressionist Photography, an idea born in Saint Cloud!
Exhibition from September 13 to 24, 2022 at Pôle Culture - Le Carré, 3 bis rue d'Orléans, Saint-Cloud (France).
Vernissage September 15 at 6pm.


One year-long Exhibition

Exhibition in Tokyo and 10 other cities in Japan

Exhibition from April 3, 2021 to August 26, 2022 in Tokyo and 10 other cities in Japan.