In the forest, as soon as an expanse of color appears to me, Sérusier's painting "The Talisman" comes to mind. As I approach a tree, the leaves of Redon's "Sous-bois au printemps" come closer and closer to me. As the light filters through the branches, Mozart's symphony "Jupiter" resonates within me; one by one the notes, small glimmers of light, come in short but powerful bursts, while in the background a bass is embodied by the forest. As I climb up to the dome of the Sacré-Coeur to look at the buildings below, Cézanne's houses and Mondrian's abstractions become increasingly clear.

The first time I had such an epiphany was in 2017, in the park of Saint-Cloud. I thought of Renoir's painting "In the park of Saint-Cloud". I asked myself: "Can I take photos like one paints a picture? After several attempts and failures, I found a technique: in 2018! All my work is done with the camera during the shooting, I do very little retouching. I like this method because it is similar to painting. Like impressionism, it ignores details and emphasizes the essential: light and color. There are a lot of uncertainties in photography: the time of day, the weather, the light and my own movements all contribute to making completely different images. These uncertainties give the work a unique character. If I were in the same place, I would not be able to produce the same work and I like this uniqueness. Sometimes there are different Masters in my head, in the same place, so I have to try to make several shots in that place.

I am happy in my creative process, the imagination transcends the limits of time and space. I hope to share with you my exchanges with the Masters through my photographs.

Solo Exhibition at Espace Andrée Chedid

Le pinceau dans l'oeil

Exhibition from May 3 to 31, 2024 at Espace Andrée Chedid, 60 Rue du Général Leclerc, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux
Vernissage May 3 at 6h00 pm.
Presentation of the photographic exhibition on the Official website of Issy-les-Moulineaux city and Official website of association CLAVIM.

More information at :


Solo Exhibition at Galerie Le 140 in Garches

Exhibition from November 30 to December 23 2023 at Galerie Le 140
Vernissage November 30 at 6h00 pm.
Official website of Galerie Le 140


Solo Exhibition at Galerie Jean-Pierre Respaut

Fan LI : Photographie Impressionniste

Exhibition from September 25 to October 8 2023 at Galerie Jean-Pierre Respaut, Esplanade Jacques Chirac, Suresnes (France).
Vernissage September 23 at 6h30 pm.
Presentation of the photographic exhibition on the Official website of Suresnes city



Solo Exhibition in Vaucresson

D'un art à l'autre, Photographie Impressionniste

Exhibition from March 22 to April 5 2023 at La Montgolfière - Centre culturel, 14 Av. Jean Salmon-Legagneur, Vaucresson (France).
Vernissage March 23 at 6h30 pm.


Solo Exhibition in Saint-Cloud

Photographie Impressionniste, Une idée née à Saint-Cloud !

Impressionist Photography, an idea born in Saint Cloud!
Exhibition from September 13 to 24, 2022 at Pôle Culture - Le Carré, 3 bis rue d'Orléans, Saint-Cloud (France).
Vernissage September 15 at 6pm.


One year-long Exhibition

Exhibition in Tokyo and 10 other cities in Japan

Exhibition from April 3, 2021 to August 26, 2022 in Tokyo and 10 other cities in Japan.