Fan LI

Born in Beijing, Fan Li learned the essentials of visual arts beginning in childhood. His father, a professional photojournalist, shared his technical knowledge as well as his passion for the visual arts.
In 2004, Fan Li settled in Paris to study. He brought with him his camera to immortalise the city and the wonders of Europe that he counted on visiting. Made public, his photos won many international prizes.
In 2017, the artist decided to rethink his technique and to take on new experiments. He explains: “Maybe because I’m an only child, I like unique things that can’t be copied. One day, I saw that my work hadn’t evolved in the past five years. I decided to say farewell to this method of taking photos in order to adopt another.” Since then, Fan Li uses his camera like a paintbrush and favours long expositions to put his interior world into images.


李凡,1981年出生于北京。他的父亲是一名摄影记者,中国摄影家协会会员 。李凡自幼受到父亲的熏陶开始学习摄影技术以及视觉艺术的要领。 2004年,李凡在巴黎定居学习。他带着他的相机,为这个城市以及他的欧洲旅行留下了珍贵的记忆。他的摄影作品赢得了许多国际奖项。 2017年,这位艺术家决定重新思考他的摄影技术,并进行新的实验。他解释说。“也许因为我是独生子女,我喜欢独特的,不能被复制的东西。有一天,当我看到我的作品在过去五年中没有任何发展,我决定告别传统的拍摄方法,使用新的技术来表达自己。”从那时起,李凡像使用画笔一样使用他的相机,他偏爱长曝光,常以不同寻常的方式把他的内心情绪展现在图像中。 2019年,他独创了一种全新的拍摄技巧,以印象派油画般的风格来描绘他的摄影世界。